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With Our Powers Combined!

Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have signed a global code of conduct promising to offer better protection for online free speech and against official intrusion.

The Global Network Initiative follows criticism that companies were assisting governments in countries like China to censor the Internet.

The guidelines seek to limit what data should be shared with authorities, in cases where free speech is an issue.

I wonder if this will actually do anything… eh… probably not, but at all talk is better than no talk I guess…


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Election Thoughts

I never disliked McCain. Really. I think he’s kind of boring and he’s not the best speech maker in the world, but I don’t dislike him. When he ended up being the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping to be able to root against someone like Huckabee (even though he was pretty funny on the Daily Show).

As for Obama, I liked how in the beginning he was playing the nice guy and he seemed like a pretty intelligent guy. I thought Edwards and Clinton were both alright too though and I ended up voting for Obama instead of Hillary because I flipped a coin.

Even though I am slightly left leaning (osmosis from my days in Berkeley), I thought to myself that if McCain won, it wouldn’t be too bad. He seems to be a much more moderate Republican who didn’t see himself as mandated by God to be president and hell, that’s good enough for me. With that said, I was still going to vote for Obama because I live in California where voting for McCain is like voting for Spiderman.

However, once Palin showed up and the more radical people on the Republican side started to speak up, I was instantly turned off. It annoys me quite a bit when people start calling Obama a Muslim or an Arab as if that’s a bad thing. Then there’s all this talk from Palin about how Obama is a terrorist and she goes on talking about Christian values… and yeah, forget it. If assholes like her are going to be supporting McCain, there’s no way I can be associated with people like that even if McCain disagrees with them. I got my street cred to worry about here.

So McCain, nothing personal, but after you made the poor decision to choose Palin to get the evangelical excessively conservative vote that you would have gotten anyways, I am now officially hoping you will lose this election.

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