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Another Update

Yeah… here goes…

1. Got a job at a publishing company a few months ago. They make books and I look at their numbers. That’s right, I am now using my masters degree in economics to work in the finance department of a struggling company. I mean, who reads books these days when there’s so much good literature on the internet?

2. Moved out of my parents house. What an accomplishment…

3. Built a computer. Here are the specs: AMD Phenom II x3 3.4ghz, 16 GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM, 120 GB Intel X-25m SSD, Seagate 2TB 5900 RPM Hard Drive, Galaxy GTX 260 768MB Video Card, MSI 870a-G54 motherboard, XFX 650 watt power supply, Antec 300 mid-tower case, I-Inc 24.6″ LCD monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers… yeah, it’s awesome and it cost me less than the per capital GDP of Mali.

4. Didn’t that Chinese dude get a Nobel Peace Prize or something?

5. The SF Giants won the world series!!!

6. Reading books. Another list: All the Pretty Horses, Blood Meridian, Midnight’s Children, Oryx and Crake, After the Flood, Calvin and Hobbes, and other stuff.

7. Improving cooking skills. My Puerto Rican Rice was a disaster though…

8. Tried my first MMORPG (EVE) and quit after 2 days.

9. My sister got married.

10. is still a nice number.


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Cao Ni Ma

Grass Mud Horse

Ah… how I love these random play on words… apparently, the Chinese Wikipedia on Baidu has become a wonderful repository of legendary animals whose names sound coincidentally to various Chinese dirty words and profanity.

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The Kiss of Deaf

“While kissing is normally very safe, doctors advise people to proceed with caution,” wrote the China Daily.

I agree. Not only can kissing lead to loss of hearing, there’s also the threat of transfering mouth diseases, finding out that the other person had stinky tofu for lunch, or even real death if you’re kissing one of those aliens with that weird biting thing that comes out of their throat and stuff.

And as Bill Haverchuck stated: French Kissing is gross.

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Ultra Man

If I Were Ultraman

That last bit about Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, and Jiang Dengtao’s Four Modernizing Represents of Scientific Outlook on Harmonious Grain Growing as High as One Wills It seemed a little forced, but the rest of it was pretty good. Saving the world is a good thing. Even if it were to come from a bad Japanese kids show.

I mean I don’t want to be Ultraman. Ultraman sucks. He can only fight for a few minutes until that lame LED light on his chest starts flashing and then falls onto his hands and knees while getting pummeled by weird monsters that wouldn’t be out of place in a cheaply made hentai series. Of course he always rose up and won in the end.

Then again, I remember I used to like Ultraman as a kid. I even drew pictures of him and talking about how the Earths polluted atmosphere hurt him. My dad was impressed with me knowing the word ‘atmosphere’ at the age of 6, so I guess I should be thankful to Ultraman.

Alright Ultraman, I owe you one. Happy Thanksgiving and may your first child be a masculine child.

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Yay, it’s all over. Obama won and there’s a bunch of liberals in the house and senate. In California, gays get to have wonderful lives before getting eaten and farm animals cannot get married.

And I get to play Fallout 3 without interruptions from the outside world.

Human rights are non-existent. They are all human privileges that can be taken away by someone with more power. However, all humans should be given the same privileges, otherwise it’s not fair. But then again, life isn’t fair so people should just deal with it. Or maybe people should fight the good fight and try to make the world fairer.

Fight the good fight. Right on Three Dog, right on.

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Election Thoughts

I never disliked McCain. Really. I think he’s kind of boring and he’s not the best speech maker in the world, but I don’t dislike him. When he ended up being the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping to be able to root against someone like Huckabee (even though he was pretty funny on the Daily Show).

As for Obama, I liked how in the beginning he was playing the nice guy and he seemed like a pretty intelligent guy. I thought Edwards and Clinton were both alright too though and I ended up voting for Obama instead of Hillary because I flipped a coin.

Even though I am slightly left leaning (osmosis from my days in Berkeley), I thought to myself that if McCain won, it wouldn’t be too bad. He seems to be a much more moderate Republican who didn’t see himself as mandated by God to be president and hell, that’s good enough for me. With that said, I was still going to vote for Obama because I live in California where voting for McCain is like voting for Spiderman.

However, once Palin showed up and the more radical people on the Republican side started to speak up, I was instantly turned off. It annoys me quite a bit when people start calling Obama a Muslim or an Arab as if that’s a bad thing. Then there’s all this talk from Palin about how Obama is a terrorist and she goes on talking about Christian values… and yeah, forget it. If assholes like her are going to be supporting McCain, there’s no way I can be associated with people like that even if McCain disagrees with them. I got my street cred to worry about here.

So McCain, nothing personal, but after you made the poor decision to choose Palin to get the evangelical excessively conservative vote that you would have gotten anyways, I am now officially hoping you will lose this election.

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So I got this big booklet printed on cheap paper in the mail today filled with information about the upcoming propositions for California. I’m kind of sick of reading Monetary Policy stuff and my other books haven’t come in the mail yet, so I decided to take a break and read this thing. I wonder if they have as extensive information for the candidates that vote for candidates that votes for candidates that eventually votes for a candidate who votes for a candidate who votes for the president in China. Probably not.

But anyways, here’s how I’m voting so if you’re too lazy to read through this thing, then you can just copy my answers. Unless you usually disagree with the stuff I say on this blog. Then you can vote the opposite of what I will vote for.

Prop 1. High Speed Rail: YES

I like trains. When I was a kid, I got all these old toys from my cousin from New York. There were plastic dinosaurs, legos, transformers, and even a toy train set. Sadly, the toy train set required batteries and my dad was too cheap to give me any so I had to steal them from the TV remote. It was awesome. I also enjoyed riding BART to school back when I was too poor to afford housing in Berkeley. My favorite parts was when the train was above ground so I can have a nice view of Hayward, San Leandro, and Oakland. What clinched it for me were the train rides in China. Even the hard seaters. People talked to complete strangers, drank together, and we all made new friends on those long rides. I think cheap rail transportation in California is the way to go. Especially if we can bring our bikes onto the train.

Prop 2. Humane Farming: NO

They’re gonna get eaten anyways. If people want their KFC chicken to have flapped their wings before they died and dipped into a vat of oil, they could’ve gone and bought those organic chickens instead. But I can’t really take these kinds of stuff seriously.

Prop 3. Children’s Hospital Bonds: DUNNO

I’m torn. I hate kids and I hate hospitals, but I like the idea of kids being able to go to hospitals if they’re sick and stuff. I don’t know much about the state of children’s hospitals right now so I don’t know if more money for it is necessary. I’m kind of leaning towards a NO vote, but I’ll probably just leave this one blank.

Prop 4. Parental Notification of Abortion: NO

If a kid gets pregnant, they should be able to get an abortion without their hardcore conservative parents freaking out. It’ll save the family a lot of emotional trauma. Ok, so it’s not that simple, but I’m not a girl and I’m not a dad, so this prop doesn’t really apply to me yet. Once I get that sex change and get my age reversed so that I’m 13 years old again and then get pregnant though, I’ll probably vote NO. Guess I better make that appointment with the sex-age changing sperm bank…

Prop 5. Parole and Rehab: YES

The original idea of prisons, not dungeons, but the modern idea of prisons thought up by that 18th century dude from England, was that it would be a place of education and reform. We’ve gone really far away from that and have strayed into that eye for an eye punishment stuff. More money on parole and rehab would be good. Though I doubt a drug dealer really will get reformed in rehab, it’s still better than sticking him in prison where he’ll get more hookups into the drug trade.

Prop 6. Money for the Police: NO

More money for the police? I mean even though there were a string of armed robberies in Oakland a few weeks ago, crime has been relatively low compared to when I was growing up in the early 90s. I don’t think the police really need all that much more money since they’re doing a decent job giving me biking tickets as it is.

Prop 7. Renewable Energy: YES

I like wind and solar power. Like when you drive east into the hills from Hayward, there are all these wind turbines all over the place. I think they’re pretty. Definitely better looking than those massive coal powerplants in Shanxi. I mean China is trying to invest in green energy so if the US didn’t follow, they would definitely be losing a lot of international street cred.

Prop 8. Eliminate Same Sex Marriage: NO

I think homosexuals, gays, lesbians, faggots, dykes, or whatever else left or right or moderate people call them should be able to get married since it doesn’t hurt me in any way and if God really does hate homosexuals, then they can receive their punishment after they die. I mean God apparently doesn’t like atheists either, but I don’t see any laws prohibiting the belief in nothing… yet…

Prop 9. Victims Rights: NO

This prop seems to be based on movies where this wife beating husband is sent to prison but then gets out on bail while the poor wife is hiding at home clutching a baseball bat at night waiting for the bastard to strangle her. I personally don’t know much about the parole system, but I somehow doubt this situation would happen too often.

Prop 10. Alternative Fuel Vehicles: YES

I want to buy an alternative fuel vehicle. Like in Back to the Future where DeLorean was outfitted with this fusion generator where it can turn bananas peels into fuel… oh wait, it only provides power for the flux capacitor while the car itself still ran on ordinary unleaded gasoline. Well, I bet if this prop existed when that movie was made, the whole car could have run on fusion and they wouldn’t have had to go through all that trouble in Back to the Future III pushing the time machine with a train.

Prop 11. Redistricting: DUNNO


Prop 12. Veterans Bonds: YES

I don’t really see anything wrong with it. It’s not like the state is giving tax money to veterans. They’re only getting loans, which should be given to veterans who can pay it back, so it’s all good.

So there we go. Once China sends me their booklet on propositions, I’ll post up what I think on those as well on this blog.

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