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Haven’t really written much of anything in a while, so here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. I’ve been teaching again at an international school in the Bay Area. Overall, pretty fun with a bunch of students from all around the world. There has been no violence or conflict between Mainland students with their Taiwanese or Japanese counterparts as their common love for alcohol is stronger than any political differences that they do have.

2. I’m getting my masters degree in economics on Saturday. I went from failing my final class to a high-B in a single day. Good times.

3. Currently looking for a place to live, but damn, the Bay Area is so expensive.

4. Pre-ordered Elemental: War of Magic. My most expensive purchase so far this year, but hopefully I’ll be able to get into the beta and check it out. It’s one of them strategy-RPG games that I love so much. And it’s set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, which is always good. High fantasy has sucked since Lord of the Rings came out.

5. Stopped playing Tribal Wars. I realized that it caused me more suffering than fun. No more.

6. My car got stolen but then it was found. Good times.

7. Europa Barbarorum II is still not out, but they have a new preview today.

8. Chinese news reported that a North Korean shot a bunch of Chinese folk. That might be a sign that they’re getting ready to condemn their ally… maybe.

9. Finished a research project about Choice of Residence for Chinese in the Bay Area. Maybe I’ll talk about that stuff here since it is related to Chinese and stuff…

10. That’s pretty much it, but 10 is such a nice number.


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A sense of community elusive in East Asia

The article above is pretty interesting in it’s criticism of Asian countries for failing to put aside the past and move forward as a community like what Europe did/is doing. Here’s an excerpt:

To be blunt, there is no community. Each of the major countries – China, Japan and South Korea – clings to its own vision of the future, to its own self-serving version of history, and relates to the outside world as a sole actor, and almost never in terms of regional interests or priorities.

I won’t disagree that there isn’t much in the sense of community here in East Asia. I mean even Taiwan, which is supposed to be a province of China, has their own regional goals that is contrary to that of the PRC (obviously) and Japan (like those disputed islands).

Some would say that East Asia looks a hell of a lot better than what’s going on in Africa. I mean with all these civil wars, genocide, fighting over resources, fractured states, and terrorism all over the continent, East Asia looks pretty damn good. However, in another part of the article, they say:

The first thing that must be said about East Asia is that for all of its economic achievements, it lags woefully behind much of the rest of the world in important ways.

You can’t compare East Asia to Africa because it’s so much richer. Some people have been arguing that all the problems taking place in Africa is due to lack of economic growth. The reason why China isn’t bombing Taiwan is because they don’t want to destroy their economy and links to the rest of the world. When you’re a land locked country in Africa with no natural resources, then you don’t have much to lose.

But is it really fair to compare the level of cooperation in East Asia to that of Europe? I mean the European Union is nothing short of amazing in my own opinion. I still can’t believe that all these countries that used to kill and hate each other not too long ago (especially the recently admitted Eastern Europe countries) have united in the way that they have.

There really doesn’t seem to be much want from the governments of the Asian people for more cooperation. People are still hung up about what happened during World War II and the Korean War. They’re all still demanding apologies all the time and pointing at the wrong-doings of other nations to stir up nationalism. Instead of hatred dying out with the last generation, it’s being passed down to the youth.

I personally don’t see much progress in the near future of East Asian cooperation. I get the feeling that everyone will just condemn it as ‘The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’ in sheep’s clothing. Or something awkwardly stated like that.

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